An Adult Contact Revolution

Any guy who was a real man back in the 70s knew all about keeping a little black book of adult contacts in his closet. When the pussy dried up you could always ping a couple of numbers and grab a piece of ass for the night. Problem with this method of shagging was the ability to find new girls to add to your black book. So slowly your contact list would fade away and you would have to work hard once again to find new girls to fuck. I remember going from one dive bar to the next searching for girls that would like a casual hookup here and there.

Luckily times have changed and so have the methods of filling up a comprehensive adult contact list. Personally, I find the digital age to be the best thing to ever come about for building the new black book. A revolution if you will has started thanks to the internet and I am using it to my full advantage. A may be a bit older nowadays but that does not stop me from finding attractive women online to bang. What’s my secret to building a unique adult contact list? What I do is search on dating websites and classified sites for local bitches that would like to hook up.

Now the secret is to hook up first and add them to the book second. It’s been my experience that you need to make sure they are compatible with the type of fucking you like to do. Some of the bitches I fuck tend to have husbands which makes it thrilling for the both of us, however it does add complications according to the time you can meet for a nice satisfying fuck. For example last weekend I was searching online for a new bitch to place between my sheets. I was wanting some extra spice so I looked hard for a new flavor of girl to fuck. Luckily I found this Asian chick from Thailand online wanting to play.

Like most hook ups I was not interested in meeting for coffee first and I am thankful she was direct to. Of course she had a Chinese husband and was looking for some thick white meat to ram her pussy. We meet up and I take her home right away. One thing I love about Asians is how direct they are. It did not take no more than one minute before her soft silk lips were wrapped around my cock. I grabbed her long, black, and thick hair moving her head over my cock. Looking up at me with her olive eyes she was begging for me to fuck her.

I rolled my oriental bitch over on the sofa and slid my cock into her tight, warm, and wet pussy. Fucking her doggy style while she clenches unto the sofa. The largest turn-on for me is when she started yelping in her mother tongue. I kept thrusting into her wet pussy until she could not take it anymore, pulled my cock back a bit, and gave this bitch a huge white load of cum all over her oriental pussy. We agreed to meet again and I added her to my adult contact list. Whenever I’m in the mood for some exotic pussy I will always have my oriental pearl to call up.